Morgan’s Fish House, Rye NY

By Local Taster :)

For us Westchester folk, there is nothing quite like a stroll through downtown Rye, NY.

I haven’t lived in Rye in over 10 years, but it always feels right when I spend a few hours meandering downtown and popping in and out of all our old favorites spots like Frankie & Johnnies Steakhouse, The Dock, and of course Ruby’s Bistro– to name a few. Among the variety of eateries in Rye is Morgans Fish House.

It’s with great sadness that I must report that, in our opinion, Morgan’s just isn’t living up to it’s full potential. It’s not bad, per say. But it could be great, and great it is not.

The majority of restaurants in Rye offer brunch so there is a definite audience for it. We are part of those who brunch in Rye. But we do it reluctantly because of all these places… not one has live music (or even decent background music.) Not one has a good Sunday ambiance. Not one makes a wicked a Bloody Mary. But people go anyway. And they always will- that’s just how it goes in Rye.

I chose Morgan’s on this particular Sunday because on this warm, summer Sunday, I had a craving for fish. I made my way to the bar, which is our preferred seating at Morgans. The waitstaff seemed less than enthusiastic to be there and there was not a dedicated bartender in place, so the wait staff needed to take turns tending to us. Right away we knew we were there to eat and leave and not settle into the brunch experience. (Thumbs down!) We started out with two Bloody Marys.

It pains me to report- they were watery, loaded with Tabasco and… honestly, I think that’s it.  It was hard to choke down. And at the price point- it just hurts my soul. And my tastebuds.

Since I was there for the seafood, I held nothing back and ordered up some littlenecks and a lobster roll. I went a little rogue and asked to substitute the fries for a vegetable- a decision I came to quickly regret.

The Clams were good. They were cleaned well and not sandy. The Lobster roll, on the other hand, was over saturated in mayonnaise and was over seasoned. I asked for a side of kale but was given spinach instead- no big deal there. However, the spinach was drenched, and I mean drenched, in butter. It was actually not even edible.

In the end, we need to be honest- Morgan’s just didn’t do it for us on this go-round.

This is my personal opinion on what I would like to see at a Morgan’s Sunday Brunch:

  • Pump up the peppyness with a staff who is engaged with the clients.
  • Embrace the Bloody!!!! Given the raw bar, I would like to see a briny, horseradish loaded, thick Bloody Mary. Try serving it with add-on garnish options like an oyster on a half shell.
  • Finally, I believe the kitchen could use some additional quality control- that spinach should have never left the kitchen. In addition, I think the lobster roll could use less mayo and less seasoning so that the delicate lobster flavor can come through.


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