Brunch Reviews

For most kids, you can bribe them with candy or a toy. But not me! As far back as I can remember, you could always bribe me with going out to eat! That is still true to this very day.

I love the energy of a good restaurant and tasting the creations of a talented chef. To me, it doesn’t matter if the place is a dive bar or jackets required. To me, all that matters is that it is good food and I’m sharing it with good people. That’s the essence of Feast & Merriment.

Otherwise known as the suburbs of New York City, The Westchester / Greenwich area has a lot to offer including incredible views of the Long Island Sound and quaint downtown villages. More than views, it also has some really incredible food. I’m on the hunt for the Best Brunch in Westchester.


Here are my thoughts on a few places...

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