For most kids, you can bribe them with candy or a toy. But not me. As far back as I can remember, you could always bribe me with going out to eat. That is still true to this very day.

I love the energy of a good restaurant and tasting the creations of a talented chef. To me, it doesn’t matter if the place is a dive bar or jackets required. To me, all that matters is that it is good food and I’m sharing it with good people. That’s the essence of Feast & Merriment.

Here are my thoughts on a few places…

Modern Barn, Armonk NY

Located in Armonk, NY, Modern Barn is spacious, elegant and rustic. The beautiful glass light fixtures bring your eyes up to the curved wooden ceiling and immediately you are transported to quite literally, a modern barn.

Alvin & Friends, New Rochelle NY

Southern influenced food, friendly and welcoming staff, top notch Bloody Marys, jazz, and colorful artwork make for a wonderful Bunch experience.

Old Greenwich Social Club

Old Greenwich Social Club is more commonly known around town as O.G. Social. It’s located right across from the Old Greenwich Train.

Douro, Greenwich CT

Douro Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in the Westchester / Fairfield area. It is without question some of the best food I have ever had in the area, probably the world. We have had the privilege of dining at Douro on many occasions and not once have we ever been disappointed. Founded by Chef Rui […]

The Cookery, Dobbs Ferry NY

David Dibari’s The Cookery Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, NY is rustic, flavorful and pushes the envelope just enough to make it a truly unique culinary experience. It’s a favorite of mine.

Bareburger, Rye New York

I am always ready to welcome a new addition to downtown Rye, NY. When I spotted that Bareburger was open, I was eager to give it a try. Upon entry, the vibe here is quirky, friendly and upbeat- unique amongst the stale restaurant neighbors that surround it. I saddled up to bar and was thrilled with the locally […]

Sam’s Tavern, Seattle WA

So there we are- at the famous Sam’s Tavern in Capitol Hill district of Seattle. Sam’s is a pretty down and dirty hole in the wall kind of place. But like most holes in the wall- what they do, they do well. Bloody Marys are one of them. Sliders are another. Here at Sam’s, they […]

Morgan’s Fish House, Rye NY

For us Westchester folk, there is nothing quite like a stroll through downtown Rye, NY. I haven’t lived in Rye in over 10 years, but it always feels right when I spend a few hours meandering downtown and popping in and out of all our old favorites spots like Frankie & Johnnies Steakhouse, The Dock, and of […]

Lilly’s, White Plains NY

Lilly’s is one of the newest additions in White Plains, NY and we welcomed them with open arms! In a long line of pretty terrible bars along Mamaroneck Avenue geared towards the Westchester college crowd, Lilly’s finally gave those of us pretending to act like grown ups and seeking a proper cocktail, a place to […]

Rye House, Port Chester NY

One of the newer additions in the chain of restaurant openings is The Rye House.

Matt’s in the Market, Seattle WA

Some times people and places just get it right. Matts in the Market gets it right. They keep the Bloody Mary classy and they do it in a really cool way. Let me start by stating that Matt’s is very hard to find for first timers! However, anything you have to work at (like professional […]

Lowell’s, Seattle WA

When I found out we were headed out to Seattle, WA for our day job, I knew exactly what needed to be done- contact The Drunken Tomato! The Drunken Tomato’s real name is Shelley Buchanan and she is the authority on Bloody Marys- especially on the West coast. Currently, she is in the middle of […]

Mama’s Boy, Norwalk CT

It’s rare. It’s really, really rare to find an establishment in this neck of the woods that does brunch the way brunch is meant to be done. What the heck does that mean? Well, it starts with the food- a place that embraces breakfast and elevates it. It’s accompanied by a lively atmosphere that reminds you that Sunday is […]

St. Regis, NYC

I wouldn’t say I have a formal bucket list, but I wouldn’t say I don’t either. Sure, I want to sip wine in Spain and eat cheese in the France and many other dreamy desires.  Along with these dreams, believe it or not, having a Bloody Mary at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC has […]

Hudson House

Sure, I like Bloody Marys. Well, lets face it- it’s more like a love affair. But the truth is, I rarely have more than one and usually I drink them in the daytime. The flavor of a Bloody Mary is bold and tends to overpower the palate so they don’t go well with many meals, making them […]