Crew 280, Greenwich CT

By Christina Collins

TSome people spend lifetime on the hunt for a good local pub. Brett and I have been lucky enough to have found two since our time here in the Port Chester, NY / Greenwich, CT area. The first was a spot called the Greenwich Lobster House, or better known to locals as “GLH.” It was here where we spent a great deal of time listening to live music, enjoying some baked clams and above all else, meeting some of the people we now call our best friends. GLH was a special time and will always have a special place in our hearts. After all, it’s where Brett broke his bones, as they say, as a guitarist and singer. It was a really sad day when GLH closed its doors. We spent the next few years (in denial that GLH was closed) and bounced around spot to spot but nothing felt right. We missed walking into a place and seeing familiar faces and having a place to go when you didn’t want to be at home, but you didn’t want to be anywhere else either. We missed having a Local.

Owner Chris Geideman
Owner Chris Geideman

Then one day, we found ourselves at Crew 280 and all was suddenly right in our world again. That was many years ago now and we been fortunate enough to expand our friendship circle to include so many new and wonderful people that we have met at Crew. But it’s not just about the people at Crew, it’s about the food, drinks and exceptional customer service too.

Crew 280 is best described as an American Bistro. This to mean its a bit like a gastro pub but with European influence. Different from most restaurants, the menu is not broken up into traditional starters and entrees, but rather most menu items come with the option of small or large portions. I really enjoy this concept because it allows you to order in line with your appetite level. (Or so you have an excuse to order two small things so you don’t need to decide on one large thing!)Crew is where you go for good food and good vibes.Crew’s menu is offers everything from upscale pub grub such as grilled buffalo wings with homemade gorgonzola sauce and truffle fries to Chicken Milanese and a Fish Du Jour. Everything is delicious! I bounce around the menu often but my current go-to favorites are the Wings with a Wedge salad. Oh, but the Shrimp and Grits are oh so good! It’s actually really hard to decide what my favorite dish is at Crew. My only complaint about Crew’s menu is that it is light on vegetarian options outside of salad and I personally really enjoy vegetables of all kinds.Crew doesn’t just stop at great food and friendly people, but it is one of the only spots in the local area with Live Acoustic Music. What for it…Live acoustic music that actually starts at a normal time! Good food & Good vibes makes Crew 280 the ultimate local find in Greenwich, CT.

I recommend Crew for those who enjoy an upscale gastro pub environment, live acoustic music and well made cocktail. Before you know it, everyone will know your name.

  • Delicious Food: All the food here is very good with a rustic, yet refined approach behind it.   
  • Live Music: Live acoustic music can often be found on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during dinner hours.
  • Customer Service: No one will make you feel more welcome than the owner and the rest of the Crew staff.

  • Vegetarians: Although the chef is happy to accommodate requests for vegetarians, the menu is light on vegetables.    

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