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For Tina

Remember that chicken ravioli from last year!? Well, my friend Tina wouldn’t stop talking about this pear & cheese ravioli they had while in Italy last year. (It was like Brett and that chicken ravioli all over again!) She said they spent their dinner trying to figure out how to get it home to me! So when I went to Italy this past summer I went back to this restaurant she enjoyed so much. The mission was clear- figure out how to make Pear & Cheese Ravioli when you get home!

I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I decided I would just think on it for a while and eventually it would come to me. We have this Italian specialty store in Town and I stumbled across some Italian mini pears and I thought- these might be perfect for those raviolis! Well, It took 3 kinds of cheese, 4 different filling mixtures and a whole lot of patience and tasting but when I settled on one, and served it for dinner to my husband and he said, ‘This is better than the ones we had in Italy!’ I knew it was worth it!

In true Italian style, it was so simple.

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