Garbo’s Grill, Key West FL

Posted on TripAvisor
Visited October 2012

Value ***
Atmosphere *
Service *****
Food ***

“Unique, fresh and messy!”

We were excited to check out the fish tacos at Garbo’s. As frequent visitors to Key West we always try to balance cheap eats with splurges but no matter, we like it fresh and good quality. Garbo’s is definitely a good quality street food, but…we found the tacos to be over stuffed with red cabbage, we found the jalapeños to be cut very, very thickly (resulting a mouth fire)and the fish was in very large chunks. I think a little more finesse would go a long way for Garbo’s, especially since it is street food and you are eating it standing up under a tree. I am sure I put on a show for passer’s by while trying to get the taco from plate to mouth! But I like the idea of the Grill and its way better than any other street food on the island. I wold have just liked it to be crafted a little bit more delicately and I would have enjoyed it more. Perhaps a single strip of fish, shaved jalapeño, more finely chopped cilantro and a lot less crunchy cabbage. Then I think Garbo’s would be worthy of first place on trip advisor.