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By Local Taster :)

Sure, I like Bloody Marys. Well, lets face it- it’s more like a love affair. But the truth is, I rarely have more than one and usually I drink them in the daytime. The flavor of a Bloody Mary is bold and tends to overpower the palate so they don’t go well with many meals, making them less desirable during the dinner hour. However, this evening was a different story.

We had ended up a in Nyack, NY- just over the Tappan Zee bridge which spans over the Hudson river connecting Westchester and Rockland counties- just outside of Manhattan. It’s not far from us- about 20 minutes. We found ourselves at a bustling, higher end establishment called The Hudson House. The gent behind the bar was either obnoxious or highly amusing- I’m still not sure about which. But it was clear by his infused concoctions of Rosemary vodka and Chocolate Rum that he was a quality mixologist. In deciding what to order, I hadn’t considered a Bloody Mary for even a second. We were so impressed with the homemade chocolate rum cocktail  that we sat at the bar and spent our time helping the bartender brainstorm names for it. Our favorite, if we do say so ourselves was ‘The Wonka.’ We are still waiting to see if it makes it to the menu.

And then a Bloody Mary went by. After witnessing first hand how much care was put into the cocktails at The Hudson House, and seeing the tantalizing amount of fresh horseradish floating in the cocktail that passed before me… I just had to have one.

The garnish was of the classic nature and it was served in a mason jar, which is always a nice touch.  But really, this Bloody Mary was all about the flavor. And the flavor was spot on. It was, by far, one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever tasted. It tasted fresh and was bursting with high quality horseradish that blended into the drink harmoniously. The consistency was not thin, but it wasn’t too thick. The heat level was just right- some might say it could use more heat, but I disagree. I thought it was perfect and purposeful, allowing the flavors to come through rather than be disguised by Tabasco or hot sauce.

This Bloody Mary left me wanting more. And unlike most establishments, I would bet my money that they care about this house recipe and that it will taste just the same. I have no doubt that Hudson House cocktail creationist, Andrew Barrett, produced this 5 star recipe and cares about the quality control and consistency of delivering that recipe time and time again. Bloody fans everywhere can tell you – this is not usually the case.

I appreciated this Bloody Mary. I enjoyed this Bloody Mary. I will go back over the bridge for this Bloody Mary.

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