June & Ho, Rye NY


spend more time than I care to admit at June & Ho. They know me by name. The obsession started back in 2005 when I was living in downtown Rye, NY and could walk there. The obsession is still going strong in 2018. The place hasn’t changed in the least since the first time I walked through the doors. But that should tell you something- they have a good thing going.

June and Ho specializes in speciality sandwiches, homemade soups, and high quality, pre-made foods. The homemade dishes line almost the full length of the store offering everything from Beef Bourguignon to Edamame Salad and everything in between. Although I cook most of my food from scratch, I definitely take advantage of the prepared foods by June & Ho when I am in a pinch or on the run.

I shop here at a minimum once a week and my basket is typically full of fresh produce, fresh herbs, a container of ratatouille from behind the counter, fresh made English muffins, a few containers of soup, and whatever else looks good that day. They also serve great coffee, and I rarely leave without ordering one.

Above all else, what I love the most about June & Ho is that I can walk into this one place and get everything I need to turn around a simple or a top notch quality meal in one stop. Yes, I pay for the convenience. But I’m okay with it because I know I can trust the food that I am buying and I am glad to be supporting a local small business that consistently delivers on quality. It’s hard to find any place that delivers on quality as consistently as June & Ho.

Recommended for:

  • Fresh Produce & Herbs: The produce here is always fresh and the herbs are well packaged.
  • Fresh Fish: June & Ho has an impressive selection of fresh fish.
  • Prepared Foods: Great for homemade style foods when you can’t cook yourself.
  • Speciality Items: You can find delicious treats from all over the world that you can’t find in a traditional food store.  Everything from a selection of caviar and truffles to sauces and dips.
  • Fresh baked bread and bakery items: Baked on premises, you can pick up a fresh baguette and a homemade dessert.

Visit June & Ho at:

70 Purchase Street
Rye, NY 10580

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