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Lobster Tips

Christina Collins
Christina Collins
  • Tip 1: Where should you buy

    Buy lobsters only from reliable fish sources that have either open or large lobster tanks and ask when they get their deliveries to be sure its weekly. Their tanks should always be clean and the lobsters should appear active. If you see one climbing up the wall- thats the one you want! Some of my favorite places to get lobster locally are The Lobster Bin and Stew Leonards. Please, please don’t ever buy lobster from a standard grocery store. If you do- don’t ever tell me!

  • Tip 2: Recently caught

    Lobsters go into hibernation mode as soon as they are put into tanks. This means that they do not eat and they begin to live off their fat and muscle. Because of this, you want to choose lobsters that have recently been caught and haven’t been sitting in a tank for too long.

  • Tip 3: Eat outside

    Everyone loves to eat lobster in the summer. I like to because I like to cover the patio table with newspaper, sit outside with my lobster, make a mess and roll it all up when you’re done! Actually though, lobster are best during the winter months.

  • Tip 4: How to crack the shell. Easily.

    Having trouble cracking a thick claw? Wrap a clean dish towel around it and gently hit it with a hammer! It takes some practice to find the sweet spot so you don’t damage the meat, but once you do its a priceless trick!

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