Old Greenwich Social Club

By Local Taster :)

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Old Greenwich Social Club BarOld Greenwich Social Club is more commonly known around town as O.G. Social. It’s located right across from the Old Greenwich Train station which makes it extremely convenient for local commuters to pop in for a pint, meet family or friends for dinner or even grab some take out. After all, location, location, location. OG Social certainly gets points for location.  The restaurant is split between a bar section and dining room. The bar itself is spacious and has big televisions which is great for sports fans, while the dining room is more family friendly.  OG Social is on the causal side and offers something for everyone.

The Bloody Mary

Old Greenwich Social Club Bloody MaryThe Bloody Mary at OG Social was average- nothing special. The Bloody itself was a thin mix and relied on Tabasco for flavor and spice. I think it could be better with a little heartier consistency, replace the Tabasco with hot sauce and add a dash of pickle juice to amp up the flavor a bit. That said, it was not horrible. It was just bla.  However, they are well priced for brunch at $8.00 each, or you can choose the bottomless option of  unlimited Bloodys for $14.95 (2 hour limit.) Either way, we were very pleased to finally see a reasonably priced Bloody!

The Brunch Scene

Old Greenwich Social Club Brunch MenuWith a big brunch menu and bottomless brunch cocktails for $14.95, OG Social is all about bringing people together for a good time, and not just at brunch. They also have Trivia Night, Wine Down Wednesdays, Karaoke and Happy Hour! However, when Local Tasters showed up, it was certainly on the quiet side, but we still get what they are going for and we dig it. We were excited to see cornhole boards set up outside which immediately implies they are welcoming folks to come in, make friends, and stay a while. Unfortunately, the Cornhole boards were both broken so I don’t know why they were still sitting there. (Insert another Local Taste eyeroll.)  OG Social is yet another prime candidate for Live Music at Brunch and I even overheard someone else ask about music so maybe there is hope this might actually happen. Then, I could see this place really being a Brunch Party.

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Good to Know

Old Greenwich Social Club Games ShelfBrunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm. For 14.95 you can indulge in The Bottomless Brunch Drinks and choose from Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers or Grayhounds. Beware- there is  two hour limit. The menu itself is a solid brunch menu- you’ll recognize a lot of the basics, but with a few twists. For example, you’ll see the classic Eggs Benedict, but you’ll see a few other Benedict combinations as well. If you aren’t feeling Brunch, the full lunch menu is also available during brunch. Be sure to pass some time with a game or two! OG Social has shelves full of adult and children games. How fun is that?

All about the Eats

Old Greenwich Social Club Southern Eggs BenedictIf you are looking for serious hangover food, the OG Breakfast Sandwich is it. It is anything but your typical egg sandwich, It is loaded with Pulled Pork, French Fries and smothered in melted Cheddar Cheese. The egg was too well done and was completely lost amongst the other ingredients. This sandwich would have benefitted from less meat and a runny egg rather than one so well done. Overall, it was a little over the top and took some deconstructing just to be able to take a bite, but the concept is fun and the pulled pork was really tasty. Local Tasters decided we probably would not order this sandwich again.

Sometimes you have a dish and immediately you know you’ll be back just to have it again. This happened with The Southern Eggs Benedict. It was was a home run! The egg was perfectly poached and served over a buttermilk biscuit and pulled pork, then topped with a wonderful Bearnaise sauce. Local Tasters have nothing other to say about this dish except YUM.

We did sneak a peek at some bar bites that were being served to other customers- notably the wings and nachos and can’t say they looked impressive.

The Final Say

Old Greenwich Social Club Breakfast SandwichLocal Tasters totally get what Old Greenwich Social Club is trying to achieve and we dig it- 100%. However, the execution doesn’t seem to be quite there. We will be keeping a close eye on OG Social because we believe it has enormous potential and we are excited to see what transpires. First thing we would recommend is that they replace or remove the broken Cornhole boards from out front and perhaps invest in some improved signage. Secondly, I think they need to move the menu ever so slightly away from the oversized pub grub influence and more towards gastropub influence. Finally, an improved vibe with perhaps the help of some live music at Brunch would be awesome here- preferably acoustic rock and roll. So, with a few changes, OG Greenwich Club could easily become the permanent home for us boozy, fun, brunchers who are very much seeking a weekend home.

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