Parc, Philadelphia PA

Sometimes you walk into a place and you just know its going to be a home run. For me, that was Parc. It was recommended to us for a Saturday afternoon Brunch and I honestly could have stayed there all day right through dinner. It was surprisingly spacious for a brasserie and yet still had all the comforts you expect from a French restaurant. The staff was friendly and helpful and not once did we feel rushed. The menu was extensive and designed to be fun to mull over. Parc is unique in that it serves breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days a week. Something traditionally found only at hotels and diners and not upscale city restaurants.

The drink menu was extensive and they have a barista on staff for specialty coffee drinks. I was inspired by the drink selection and started off with something different than my usual glass of champagne, although not too different! I opted for Kir Royal, one of my favorite champagne cocktails when it is made correctly and Parc did not disappoint. In fact, I had two!

We sat with out drinks and a basket of pastries that we had ordered and took our time chatting and looking over the rest of the menu. We choose fairly basic breakfast entrees and they were all very good and had just enough of a twist on it to make it interesting. For example, the scrambled eggs came scrambled with fresh parsley and the Quiche was served double the height of what I am use to seeing it. We finished our meal with tea & coffee and were sad to leave. I could have easily moved over to the expansive bar with the abundant beers on tap, including my favorite Hoegaarden, and sat there all afternoon watching the rain and the passers by walking on the sidewalk and in the park across the street.

Dining at Parc made me wish I lived in Philadelphia, or Paris! In a true nod to Philly, I have never had a bad meal in this city. It really is a foodie’s city and does not get the recognition it deserves.