Review: Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse

I am going to start out by saying that I am probably going to have a few people disagree with my opinion of Gabriele’s. All I can say is that everyone has their own tastes and unfortunately, Gabriele’s does not suit mine. I must admit to having had the luxury of dining at some of the finest Steakhouses in New York and beyond (Prime House NYC being my favorite!) and it’s my opinion that Gabriele’s just does not compete.

Let me start off with everything I do like about this Restaurant. The decor is top notch. With a roaring fire and comfortable leather back chairs in the bar, I can’t think of a more enjoyable spot to enjoy a glass of red wine. The dining room itself is glamorous, spacious and extremely comfortable. The service is remarkable. We were a table of four on a busy Saturday night nearing the holidays and we were not hurried, we wanted for nothing and the staff seemed in complete control of the evening.

Ultimately, my enjoyment of a restaurant comes down to the food. The oysters were lovely enough but not unlike anything you can’t find at any other local restaurant. The caesar salad was average at best. The filet mignon lacked flavor both in seasoning and in the actual cut of the meat. The short ribs were dry and also did not impress us in the flavor department. I will let the $63.00 Bone in Rib Eye speak for itself in the photograph. As you can see, it was platted sloppily, over charred, and overall, simply not impressive. As in most steakhouses, the sides are ordered separately from your meal and are ideal for sharing. We ordered a side of the Creamed Spinach, a steakhouse staple. It was watery, and again, lacked basic seasoning. My sister in law and I both adore creamed spinach and I can’t help but order it when it is offered on a menu, but this was practically inedible. We all agreed it was an insulting version of the a classic side dish. We also ordered roasted sweet potato wedges and admittedly those were quite good. After unimpressive starters and disappointing entrees we opted to skip dessert.

Locally speaking we have several steakhouses to choose from that I would prefer to dine at including, but not limited to, Frankie & Johnnie’s in Rye, NY, BLT in White Plains, NY, The Willet House in Port Chester, NY and of course the popular Capital Grille in Stamford, CT. I wasn’t sold on Capital Grille when they opened in Stamford because it’s a fairly popular chain steakhouse, but I can assure you this- I have never left Capital Grill without contemplating what I enjoyed more…the appetizers, the steak (always cooked and seasoned to perfection) or the many side dishes. We never left wishing we hadn’t spent the money like we did after leaving Gabriele’s.

I have shared my disappointment in Gabriele’s with a few friends who all were surprised I didn’t enjoy it so it’s possible they had an ‘off night’ when we were there. However, at that price point, I don’t think an ‘off night’ is acceptable, especially for 4 out of 4 entrees. I don’t think we’ll be heading back to Gabriele’s for more than a night cap anytime soon.

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