Sam’s Tavern, Seattle WA

So there we are- at the famous Sam’s Tavern in Capitol Hill district of Seattle. Sam’s is a pretty down and dirty hole in the wall kind of place. But like most holes in the wall- what they do, they do well. Bloody Marys are one of them. Sliders are another. Here at Sam’s, they combine those two and top each Bloody Mary with a made-to-order cheese burger slider! I mean c’mon…. how can you not fall in love with this beauty?

Each Bloody Mary’s slider is made to order so they take a while to make. It leaves you really wanting for it by the time it arrives. I was so excited to work my way through this Bloody and I wasted no time digging into the slider. It was a really, really good slider! The Bloody Mary itself was on the spicy side and was well seasoned. I couldn’t tell if it was made with a pre-made mix or an in house blend. Either way, it worked really well with the burger. Despite the eye appeal, I wasn’t really into the remaining garnish items- I would have preferred more fresh items.

All & all, we enjoyed our time at Sam’s and are glad we got to experience their iconic Bloody Mary. If you find yourself in Seattle and feel like a little bit of Bloody Adventure, definitely check out Sam’s Tavern.

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