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Somewhere is some place to visit

Somewhere is a great spot! The food style is tex mex and the portions are very large. This is very approachable for many visitors, however we were looking for smaller, more local cuisine when it came to meals, but even so, this was one of our favorite places that we visited and returned twice during our 4 day trip.

Drinks were great, music was fun on Sunday night, staff was awesome (Can’t say enough good things about all the staff.) We did order a plate of nachos to snack on and they were really, really good. The fresh brewed iced tea was also probably the best I have ever had!

Note- It is not a good place to get stuck if a rain storm comes through so make sure the weather is good before heading over to Somewhere! They also have different specials every day from live music on some days to special deals like 1/2 price wine bottles on Wednesday.

Definitely a good time over at Somewhere- Have fun!

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