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‘THE’ Chicken Ravioli

For 7 years now, Brett has been talking about some chicken ravioli dish that he had somewhere, at sometime, that he can’t really remember, but that he loved it. A bit vague. Every time someone says ‘ravioli’ or we see them on a menu, he has to talk about this ‘amazing’ chicken ravioli that he had. After making my annual turkey and cranberry ravioli and hearing about the chicken raviolis for about the 400th time, I committed to trying to figure out how to recreate something I had never seen, let alone tried. I asked him all kinds of questions about the sauce, the texture, color, shredded vs ground, cheese? Vegetables? When I was confident that I could at least picture this mysterious dish, I hit the kitchen. The result? An enthusiastic ‘This is it! This is THE chicken ravioli!’ And I have to admit- it was delicious!

Here’s the very rough recipe I came up with: (no quantities, of course!)

  • roz Carvin

    Chrissy, I need this recipe but I can’t find it here! Let’s talk. I’ve never made fresh pasta but I’m dying to. I just know you can get me there. I’m LOVING this site!!!

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