Vix falls short – on everything

By Local Taster :)

Against my better judgement, (and research) I had breakfast at Vix on my last day due to location and convenience.

The service was unfriendly and slow despite there only being a handful of tables that morning. The food was simply put- not good. I find alone and ordered a very simple spinach, mushroom and cheddar omelette and it arrived with only mushrooms. It was a very fluffy omelette and more like a frittata that lacked seasoning. The “omelette” was accompanied by very greasy bacon which sadly was still better than the bland, overcooked, greasy potatoes and probably the highlight of the meal. Each breakfast meal comes with ‘seasoned roasted tomatoes.’ Ha Ha Ha! I received ONE cherry tomato that was barely heated through! It is not difficult to make good breakfast potatoes and if you aren’t going to make a roasted tomato dish, then don’t include it as a side dish. The execution needs work here, especially for the price.

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