About Local Taste

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Hi there!

We’re glad you stopped by! Let me tell you a bit about Local Taste and how it came to be.

You know how it goes: you’re sitting at a bar, shooting the breeze and inevitably someone says “I have an idea for an app.” You talk about it, get excited about the possibilities and then you forget all about it because well, you were at the bar and no one was actually serious about building an app.Bloody Mary Drink

Well that happened.  Except – we kept talking about it. And we kept drinking Bloody Marys.

And then one day in January 2015, we found the original sketches from that day in the bar when we had “an idea for an app.” They were dated 2009! We did a search and discovered no one was doing it yet, but everyone was still drinking Bloody Marys! Including us!

Local taste started as a fun idea to talk about.

We decided it was time to do something fun. Something challenging. Something for us instead of for a client- for a change. So we made the decision to roll up our sleeves and design the app.

In the early stages of planning and research, we spent night after night for months – sketching, ideating and exploring use case scenarios.

When we were confident that we had the core concept in place, we contacted our friend and developer extraordinaire, Aneesh Chopra. Having worked with Aneesh for years on client projects, we knew he would give it to us straight- could this be done? After a very careful exploration of concept, the results were in- it could be done and Aneesh and his team at Paavu would help us build it.

So Why Bloody Mary’s?

(We get asked that question a lot.)

Well, we are brunchers. We are lovers of Sunday Funday. We are flavor addicts. We look forward to our time spent on Sunday mornings with a Bloody Mary in our hands.

We were simply sick and tired of being let down by bad Bloodys- they are the worst! And you have no way of knowing until it’s too late and there is simply no recovering from a bad Bloody.

But here’s the thing about Bloody Marys – everyone likes them different so there really isn’t a ‘bad’ or a ‘good’ Bloody Mary. It‘s good if it‘s made the way YOU like it. It‘s bad if it isn‘t. Someone might like your bad version.

The Bloody truth is – some people like them thin, spicy and loaded with booze. Others, like the gal writing this article, like them thick, briny and loaded with horseradish. With this in mind, the traditional rating system just doesn‘t work.

And thus, Local Taste was born- a new way to find YOUR best Bloody Mary.

Local Taste lets users enter their personal taste profile and then, based on entries from fellow ’Tasters‘, the app matches you, by percentage, to your best Bloody Mary in a controlled distance. You’ll never have to suffer through a bad Bloody again! After all, Sundays only come around once a week – best not to take any chances!

Now… why are you still reading this? Go get your Bloody on.