Gluten Free Recipes

Sliced pork tenderloin on a platter

About Gluten Free Recipes

Good Gluten Free recipes are much more common than you think.  Despite what some people think, it does not mean sacrificing flavor. In fact, most fresh, homemade foods are simply gluten free -without even trying. 

We all know gluten is present in pasta and bread doughs, but the real punishers are typically disguised in processed foods, which frankly, is what many restaurants utilize these days, including packaged, pre-made sauces, stocks and dressings from bulk restaurant distributers. For someone with a gluten allergy, going out to eat is often very challenging.

However, when cooking at home, its quite easy to make gluten free meals without even trying. 

Hidden Sources of Gluten.

While I am not gluten sensitive and certainly enjoy my fair share of pasta, I have several close friends and relatives who suffer from Celiacs disease, so I have learned a lot over the years about gluten and where to look for it in ingredients. If you have never seen someone get ill from a gluten attack, you really don’t understand the pain it causes and the lack of treatment for it. When I cook for the people in my life with gluten allergies, I want to make sure I’m careful not to cross contaminate, while also ensuring they enjoy an awesome meal!

Gluten can be tricky to identify in an ingredient list. It is often over looked in products we don’t associate with wheat, such as chicken stock or salad dressing. Often, it’s hidden in the preservatives. Unless you are dealing with fresh ingredients, always make sure a product is labeled “GF” if cooking for someone with a Gluten allergy. 

Gluten Free (or easily adaptable) Recipes

Rustic, Italian inspired pork ribs are seasoned with a garlic and herb rub, roasted and charred in the oven, then finished with white wine and spicy vinegar pickled cherry peppers.
This historic pesto recipe is centuries old and is the best way to preserve and savor the abundant summer basil crop.
Bite sized pieces of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto are an elegant and easy addition to any cocktail hour or dinner party for friends!
It's a twist on one of my favorite classic dishes. Rich custard and classic savory fillings without the carbs! Perfect for company or a simple meal, any time of day.
This savoy quiche is loaded with broccoli florets and cheese and flavor! It's a fantastic make ahead breakfast for company, or for yourself to slice into pieces and enjoy throughout the work week.
Shrimp & bacon are simmered in a thick tomato and shrimp stock and served over creamy, slow cooker, cheddar grits. The ultimate southern costal comfort food.
With flavors built around tuna season, this dish is deceivingly simple to make yet, produces an extremely sophisticated meal. A fresh, bright mixture of tomatoes & basil are mixed with briny capers that bring just enough salinity to bring to life the tuna's natural ocean flavor.
The best grilled chicken recipe is simple and foolproof! Combine boneless chicken breasts with herbs, lemon zest and garlic to perfect results every time.
Lamb chops are seasoned with fresh garlic, salt and classic herbs then grilled to perfection.
Tzatziki is an incredibly versatile dip that compliments vegetables, meats, sandwiches & more. It's thick & creamy yet low in calories, good for Keto diets and anyone who is Gluten Free.
Sure, it's easy to buy a jar from the market, but there is nothing quite like making fresh salsa, especially in summer when tomatoes & cilantro are at their peak
Fresh shrimp, tomato juice, hot sauce, cucumber, & avocado are combined with seasonings to deliver a refreshing and exciting shrimp appetizer. The perfect starter for a summer gathering.
This twist on Tomato & Mozzarella salad elevates the more traditional version to soaring new heights of flavor! Slow roasting plum tomatoes brings out all their natural sweetness.
This homemade version is significantly better tasting than anything from a jar and it only take 3 minutes to make.
This Mexican style side dish is heart healthy, gluten free, vegetarian, low-carb, colorful, and beyond delicious!
Roasting Beef tenderloin at a low temperature ensures an even cook from edge to edge. With a few easy tips, this is a no-fail, foolproof recipe.
The combination of sausage, peppers and onions is a winning flavor explosion. These independently simple ingredients blend together and the results are simply delicious. Perfect for feeding a crowd too!
One of my favorite things to grill is shrimp and every single time I make these simple, grilled shrimp I get the same reaction- "WOW! Why are these so good?!"
To make the perfect summer side dish toss corn and grape tomatoes with an easy apple cider vinaigrette and finish with lots of fresh basil.
Slow cooker chicken is shredded and stuffed into tortillas, smothered with homemade enchilada sauce and cheese and baked until melted and delicious.
Pan-seared chicken is quick, satisfying, versatile, KETO, Gluten free, and perfect for make ahead dinners or meal prep. The options for how to use this style of chicken are limited only by your culinary creativity.