My favorite Thermoworks products

After discovering these products, I became a more confident cook. No matter the level of cook, everyone should have reliable thermometers in their kitchen.

I am especially a fan and avid user of the leave in probe thermometers such as the Dot® and Square Dot ® because they take the guess work out of knowing when meat and fish has reached the perfect temperature. I also never fry without a probe in the oil and connected to the Dot® so I know exactly what temperature the oil is. 

The Dot® alarm probe thermometer combines accuracy with simplicity for foolproof results. Simply insert the probe into the center of any roast or even into a pot of oil to monitor temperatures at all times for guaranteed perfect results.
Keep your kitchen probes organized and tangle free. They are stackable, magnetic and a safe way to store probes.
Themapen One® is a best in class product. It's one of the newer instant read thermometers by Thermoworks and is cutting edge. It takes temperature readings in just one second and achieves a new standard of accuracy of plus or minus just 0.5°F (That's insane!)
Now with 2 channels featuring a an air temperature "average" function. Channel 1 functions as a regular alarm thermometer while Channel 2 can operate in two different modes- Average temp (oven, smoker or grill temp) or as a second regular in thermometer monitor and alarm.

Thermoworks is the leader in thermometers in kitchens across the nation. It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of thermometers, the variety and the impact it could have on home cooking. With a few years of experience under my belt, I have become a serious advocate of probe and digital thermometers for all my cooking needs, including beef, chicken, fish and even to monitor the temperature of oil when frying. The results speak for themselves.