Christmas Recipes

Easy and elegant recipes to celebrate the season

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to start planning your Christmas dinner menu. This year, why not treat your loved ones to something truly extraordinary?

While traditional favorites like roasted turkey and glazed ham often take center stage on holiday tables, a perfectly roasted beef tenderloin can elevate your festive feast to new heights! Serve it alongside some traditional favorites like fluffy mashed potatoes and simple roasted vegetables. Finish your special meal off with a decadent dessert that the whole family will love! 

These Christmas recipes are tried, tested and trusted which is what you need during a hectic holiday season. I’ve done all the work for you and each recipes offers tips and tricks to ensure a foolproof Christmas menu. 

Getting the white meat to reach 165°F and the dark meat to reach 180°F at the exact same time is a nearly impossible task for any notable chef, let alone a home cook who deals with this challenge only once a year. Here are 4 helpful tips on how to achieve a perfectly cooked turkey.
Horseradish cream sauce is most often served alongside beef roasts and baked ham. And of course, sandwiches! Ina's Garten Horseradish sauce is the best I've ever had and the only recipe you need.
Roasting Beef tenderloin at a low temperature ensures an even cook from edge to edge. With a few easy tips, this is a no-fail, foolproof recipe.
With layers of tender potatoes enveloped in a velvety cheese sauce, Scalloped Potato Au Gratin is a classic comfort food that never fails to delight.
Light, fluffy mashed potatoes are everyone's favorite side dish! With these tips for make ahead mashed potatoes, the cook can enjoy the mash as much as the guests.

The best food in the world is food that is cooked perfectly

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