Cinco de Mayo

A perfect day for feast & merriment!

On the 5th of May, we commemorate the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. We also get together with friends, drink Margaritas and delicious Mexican inspired foods! 

Fresh shrimp, tomato juice, hot sauce, cucumber, & avocado are combined with seasonings to deliver a refreshing and exciting shrimp appetizer. The perfect starter for a summer gathering.
Enchiladas are only as good as the enchilada sauce that smothers them. And since I love chicken enchiladas, I had no choice but to set out to find the best enchilada sauce recipe out there and thats what I did!
A delicious recipe that checks all the boxes for a busy cook- low carb, low fat, family friendly, versatile, uses 3 affordable ingredients and is super EASY!
mini tacos

Tacos are great. Mini Tacos are Better!

I am a HUGE fan of these mini taco shells! They are made by a husband & wife team that started making them for fun, as a hobby. Turns out, they weren’t the only ones who like mini tacos and they started shipping them around the country, including to my house for just about every party I have! I even bought this custom mini taco shell stand from them. Check them out! 

Sure, it's easy to buy a jar from the market, but there is nothing quite like making fresh salsa, especially in summer when tomatoes & cilantro are at their peak
This Mexican style side dish is heart healthy, gluten free, vegetarian, low-carb, colorful, and beyond delicious!

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