A few of my favorite things...

Christina CollinsI am obsessed with food. But not just any food. I am obsessed with quality food and live under the belief that “Every bite should be the best bite.”  The problem with this is that it can take a lot of time and a lot of money.  For a foodie, it’s like a blessing and a curse. My obsession for needing the best possible products inevitably results in me spending 4 hours food shopping because I need to go to a variety of markets to get the ‘best’ each shop has to offer. As hard as I have tried, I can’t seem to settle for food items that are “less than” just to save some time when I know the “best” is available if I just make oneeeee more stop. However the end result is really great food!

Through research, comparisons and hands on experience, I have come to rely on my favorite food products, appliances and general items I can’t live without in the kitchen.

Favorite Shops

The Lobster Bin

Favorite Restaurants

Favorite Brands & Products

Favorite Recipes