DOT® Simple Alarm Thermometer - Black

Thermoworks Dot®

As Thermoworks directly states, “The Dot® is engineered to do one thing really well.” And really well it does. The Thermoworks Dot is so simple to use and allows any level cook to produce perfectly cooked meats, fishes and just about anything where internal temperature really matters. Set your target temperature with the up or down buttons, insert the probe in your food, and Dot® beeps when it hits the target temperature. It’s a simple as that. The Dot was my first Thermoworks purchase and as a result, I became a probe thermometer fanatic! I now have multiples, I travel with them, and have given countless away as gifts.

Why I love it

The Dot® is easy to use and reliable. When I want a whole beef tenderloin perfectly cooked medium rare, all I have to do is insert the probe into the center of the beef, set to 130 degrees F, and breath easy. I can rest assured I’ll be serving a perfect piece of meat. The same is true for everyday chicken breasts, salmon, pork chops, pork tenderloin and more. You name it, the Dot® will help you cook it perfectly. I use it several times a week because it takes the stress out of cooking to temperature. It makes me a better cook and it will make you one too. I think that every single kitchen should have a Dot®!

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