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Greenwich cheese company is by far, my most favorite market to shop in. When I’m having a bad day, off I go. Because let’s be honest here- cheese makes everything better.

comte wheel

Along with sister Fairfield cheese company, Greenwich cheese company, is hyper focused on quality, artisanal products. This includes their carefully selected and sourced cheeses, as well as the accoutrements such as jams, pickled fruits and vegetables, olive oils, pastas and more. Owners Laura and Chris take great care in making sure customers are getting exactly what they want when they shop here, which is why you are offered a taste of each cheese before you commit to purchasing, and each piece is cut to order. It’s a real foodie’s dream to be able to try before investing, in most cases, over $25.00 a pound. I have discovered some of what are now my favorite cheeses at this shop all because staff encouraged me to try this, or that.

Speaking of staff, they are all incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. With each cheese you select, they will tell you about it including where it comes from, if it is raw or pasteurized, aged or young, what type of milk, and perhaps a comparison or pairing note. The more questions you ask, the more answers you receive. They are as committed to the transaction as you want them to be. It’s truly unique. As someone who loves talking about food in great detail, I really enjoy interacting and learning from them.

alpine cheeses on platter
Thanksgiving isn’t complete without Alpine cheeses from Greenwich Cheese Company!

One of the many things I applaud Greenwich cheese company for doing is carrying a large selection of raw milk cheeses which are nearly impossible to find in a traditional grocery store. Raw milk cheeses are full of healthy bacterias and complex nutrients, and yes fat. However, pasteurized cheeses are nothing but fat. The pasteurization process kills everything that a raw milk cheese delivers to you. I really enjoy supporting the small farms that still produce cheese in the traditional way, and these are the cheeses that are typically raw milk cheeses. They are soo much better for you and frankly, they are just typically better quality cheeses.

cheese school
At this class we learned the art of making a cheese board

Another one of the many things I love about this artisanal cheese shop is cheese school! Cheese classes are offered in both their Cos Cob and Fairfield, CT locations. Laura and Chris are committed to providing cheese education and do so, not just through every transaction, but through offering classes throughout the year. I have attended several classes and plan to attend many more. I learn so much every time I go. (Granted I’m a foodie nerd and love this stuff.) If you live in the 914 / 203 area, I highly recommend checking out their class offering. It’s a fun thing to do alone or with a foodie friend. And usually a few pairings of wine are involved, which never hurts!

Finally, I can’t end this post without talking up their gift boxes which have become my favorite client gift or to take to a friend’s house as a hostess gift. They come artfully packaged in crates and I really, really care about packaging. I won’t send corporate gifts, or any gifts really, that are not packaged creatively and with care. The gift becomes very impersonal, very quickly. Packaging sets the tone for the gift and Greenwich cheese shop gets that. The raves reviews I get from clients and friends don’t hurt ūüôā

Well, now that I spent the last hour writing about how much I love this place, I think I’ll take a ride and go get myself some cheese! See you there!

Recommended for:

  • Top quality cheeses: Artisinal cheeses from around the world.
  • Charcuterie: Carefully selected and sourced charcuterie to accompany any cheese platter.
  • Education: With a goal to teach people about cheese, the Greenwich cheese company offers a wide array of small group classes.
  • Platters & Gift boxes: Impressively curated cheese platters and gift boxes are available.

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