Thermoworks Dash™

DASH™ Blue

The Thermoworks DASH™ is a no nonsense, easy to use, easy to travel with, food thermometer that can handle the indoors and outdoors.  It features sub-single-degree accuracy, a large display making it easy to read, and a NIST-traceable calibration certificate is included. It comes in a wide variety of 9 colors making it fun to take temps! The DASH™ is waterproof and comes with a protective casing.

The DASH™ is Perfect For:

Those who cook when traveling or camping and those looking for a reliable, affordable, super durable thermometer.

Thermoworks Dot®

DOT® Simple Alarm Thermometer - Black

As Thermoworks directly states, “The Dot® is engineered to do one thing really well.” And really well it does. The Thermoworks Dot is so simple to use and allows any level cook to produce perfectly cooked meats, fishes and just about anything where internal temperature really matters. Set your target temperature with the up or down buttons, insert the probe in your food, and Dot® beeps when it hits the target temperature. It’s a simple as that. The Dot was my first Thermoworks purchase and as a result, I became a probe thermometer fanatic! I now have multiples, I travel with them, and have given countless away as gifts.

Why I love it

The Dot® is easy to use and reliable. When I want a whole beef tenderloin perfectly cooked medium rare, all I have to do is insert the probe into the center of the beef, set to 130 degrees F, and breath easy. I can rest assured I’ll be serving a perfect piece of meat. The same is true for everyday chicken breasts, salmon, pork chops, pork tenderloin and more. You name it, the Dot® will help you cook it perfectly. I use it several times a week because it takes the stress out of cooking to temperature. It makes me a better cook and it will make you one too. I think that every single kitchen should have a Dot®!

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Thermoworks Silicone Probe Spool

silicone probe spool

Keep your probes and cables tangle and kink-free with the ThermoWorks silicone probe spool.

Probes are essential tools for home and professional cooks, and once you start work with probes, your collection will likely grow rapidly. I have the 6″ probe, the 2″ probe, the 2″ needle probe, and more. These probe spools help keep them all organized and safe.

Why I love the Probe Spool

I have several different probes and I was using a variety of rubber bands, clamps and other household items to try and keep them from getting tangled and kinked in the drawer. Now, I have about 6 spools I can stack my probes neatly and safely.

Spools are compatible with any ThermoWorks Pro-Series® probes, thermocouples probes, or extension cables.

Thermoworks Thermapen One®

Thermapen® ONE - Red

The Thermoworks Themapen One® is a best in class product. It’s one of the newer instant read thermometers by Thermoworks and is cutting edge. It takes temperature readings in just one second and achieves a new standard of accuracy of plus or minus just 0.5°F (That’s insane!) This level of accuracy isn’t truly necessary for most home cooks, but if you are a very serious home cook in the market for an instant read thermometer, the Themapen One® is what you should consider investing in.

Perfect for:

The committed cook who understands exactly what temperature they are looking to achieve. The Themapen One® is also a product that has been designed and built to last so it is a product best suited for those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

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Thermoworks Square Dot®

Square DOT® in yellow

The Thermoworks Square Dot® is a duel function probe thermometer that measures both oven, grill or smoker temperature plus a standard probe alarm thermometer. Monitoring the average oven temperature helps you determine ambient temperature as you cook so you can adjust in realtime, to get the most accurate results for any recipe. When average mode is disabled, Channel 2 will function as a standard alarm channel giving you the ability to monitor two cuts of meat with one device. The choice is yours!

Perfect for:

The Square Dot is perfect for the Home Cook who goes the extra mile. Using this thermometer ensures the perfect temperature is achieved on any cut of beef, chicken or fish which is imperative for the best possible culinary experience.

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