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After discovering these products, I became a more confident cook. No matter the level of cook, everyone should have reliable thermometers in their kitchen.

It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of thermometers, the variety, and the overall impact it could have on my cooking. With a few years of experience under my belt, I have become a serious advocate of probe and digital thermometers for all my cooking needs. I am especially a fan and avid user of the leave in probe thermometers such as the Dot® and Square Dot ® because they take the guess work out of knowing when a roast, steak, fish, oil and more has reached the perfect temperature.

Leave in Probes connected to cooking alarms allow you to monitor the internal temperature or oil temperature at all times while cooking and will alert you when your target temperature is reached.

Reasons I love Leave in Probe Thermometers

  • Guarantee medium-rare roast beef (or your preferred temp)
  • Fry with confidence
  • Nail the temp of a pork chop
  • Guarantee a perfectly cooked brisket
  • Monitor white and dark meat at the same time

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