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Step up your breakfast game

Christina Collins
Christina Collins

‘ve been working on sassing up Sunday breakfasts for when we aren’t out for brunch. So although this post won’t give you an exact recipe to follow, the point is just to share some of my experiments in the kitchen to get that creative culinary mind thinking of new ways to serve up eggs.

I have learned that all good things start with hash. Anytime you make a good hash as a bed for your eggs, the result is both rustic and impressive.

I haven’t written down the exact measurements, but the basic steps I followed for my favorite breakfast hash are listed here.

Combine grated potato and grated zucchini (skins only) with sautéed onion and diced red pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and a touch of basil pesto. Prepare the hash using good olive oil and stainless steel or cast iron pan and cook until crispy and cooked through. Top with a pan friend egg and a dollop of pesto sauce.

I’ve also learned that breakfast crostini’s are an awesome addition to any Sunday morning!

steak and eggs crostini
A great way to use leftover steak is to make bite size Steak and Egg Crostini for a delicious breakfast bite
Brunch Crostini Trio
This brunch crostini platter impressed my guests, and me! Scrambled eggs with lobster & remoulade: Avocado, bacon & Shrimp: and Steak and eggs
Breakfast Flatbread Pizza
Flatbread topped with with Eggs, Ham and Jarlsberg Cheese makes a fun Breakfast Pizza
Eggs with Béchamel
Fried egg over spring hash, ham and avocado drizzled with Béchamel sauce

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