Charleston Bloody Mary Mixes

Charleston Mix

“The Perfect Southern Bloody”

Local Taste was sent 2 different flavors of Charleston Mix , Fresh & Veggie and Bold & Spicy, both of which are locally brewed and bottled in South Carolina.

We first tried the Fresh & Veggie Mix, which we were all thrown off by! We knew there would be veggies, but this mix also has a very prominent herb flavoring (Rosemary and Sage) as well as sweet undertones from the carrots that are used in the roasted vegetable base. None of us detected any type of heat in this mix, and really enjoyed the super smooth consistency. We likened this mix to V8, thought this would make an excellent marinade, and were not surprised at all when Charleston Mix shipped a Tomato Soup recipe with our bottles.

As Charleston Mix says on their site : “The “Fresh & Veggie” mix is crafted to be vegetarian-friendlier for our loyal fans seeking a fresh twist. It’s made from the same premium core ingredients as our “Bold & Spicy”, but we dialed down the heat a notch and mixed in tangy carrot juice in lieu of the original beef base. ”

We really liked this mix due to it’s refreshing and herbaceous flavoring. The roasted vegetable flavor is unique for sure, but not so unique that it makes it unapproachable, even for a purist. Thumbs up for the Fresh & Veggie Bloody Mary Mix!

On to the next one…

According to the folks at Charleston Mix : “Charleston Mix Bold & Spicy is different than other Bloody Mary mixes. Our recipes are horseradish-free and feature a unique blend of habañero mash, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and spices for enticing heat and flavor.”

Local Tasters agreed that this was definitely a bold mix, although we disagreed on the spicy aspect. We all had some sips that were spicier than others, and once we got to the bottom of our cups, there was a high concentration of black pepper and seasoning. After pouring the mix into cups, mix ingredients can often start to settle if the suspension isn’t quite right- we think this contributed to the inconsistent heat levels we experienced.

Besides the spice, we really liked the bold tomato and savory flavor of this Bold & Spicy Charleston Mix, and classified this is as a classic Bloody Mary compared to the Fresh & Veggie.

One taster even said:

“I can picture sitting on a deck overlooking the water, sipping on this while eating clams and shrimp cocktail!”

We think this mix would pair amazingly with some seafood garnish, the briny ocean elements interacting deliciously with the bold savory Bloody Mary flavors.

Overall, Charleston Mix did a great bloody job! We love that each mix had it’s own distinguishing elements, and the fact that their Fresh & Veggie mix is made with a vegetarian base really gives these two mixes totally different directions for the drinker to build upon. Whether you’re Fresh or Bold, Charleston Mix has a Bloody Mary for you!

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