Murph’s Bloody Mary Mix

By Local Taster :)

Co-workers were talking about it. Social media was talking about it. The television was talking about it. Business cards were on bar floors all over New York City. Murph’s seemed to be everywhere, but I had never had it and I couldn’t find it at my usual stops. And then finally– the time had come to kick back with some Murph’s!

The label on Murph’s Bloody Mary Mix is straight up comical! He must be some character to brand this bottle with his face blown up on it! But you certainly can’t miss it or forget it- and maybe that’s the point. Either way, you should never judge a bottle by its label. Or is it a book by its cover? For our purposes, we’ll stick with the bottle analogy.
Murphs Famous Bloody Mary Mix

Here at Local Taste, we wasted no time to pouring up the long awaited Murph’s. This time around, we had 4 Tasters. Immediately we were impressed by the noticeable amount of seasoning, how well it was distributed and that the mix was not separated, as mixes tend to do. We were equally impressed by how smoothly it mixed in with the awaiting Tito’s vodka. Sometimes with a pre-made mix, you immediately see the vodka and the mix separate, which requires shaking or stirring. All Murph’s really required for blending the vodka and mix was a stir of the straw.


You can really smell the tomato influence in Murph’s recipe, which is rare and much appreciated in a mix. It also has an impressively smooth & hearty consistency. The heat level was not overwhelming, but present.

Murph’s got 4 out of 4 thumbs ups at this Local Taste Session. However, one taster felt the seasoning was a little tangy and noted a taste that ‘couldn’t be placed.’ But you know how the saying goes here at Local Taste… “Everyone Likes ‘Em Different.” We believe there is no such thing as one, single ‘Best Bloody Mary.’ There is, however, A Best Bloody that is right for everyone- You just need to get matched to one. Murph’s matched well to our tastes, so that’s a win! Cheers!

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