Backyard Mary

Review of Backyard Mary Bloody Mary mix

“It’s All About The Kick”

Fun fact, Backyard Mary comes from a very similar origin as Local Taste. In 2004, BYM was on a quest to find the best Bloody Mary, going everywhere from supermarkets to local bars. They found a few places they liked, but would return at a later date to find the Bloody Mary tasted differently than how they remembered! The ingredients would be the same, but there was a frustrating amount of inconsistency. Backyard Mary was born in their backyard and created out of the need for a simple, delicious and reliable mix.

Local Taste was created because we were sick and tired of bad bloodys. Even though “everyone likes ’em different” there are some basic requirements that Bloody Marys should meet, including reliability. So we set out to build an app that would find these reliable bloodys and make sure that no one ever has to suffer through a bad bloody again. We are all part of The Bloody Revolution!

Anyways- back to the good stuff- the tasting!

Backyard Mary Mix is not joking when they say “It’s All About The Kick.” This Tabasco and horseradish based mix packs a punch, building heat as you sip. We were surprised at how effectively spicy this mix was considering how simple their ingredients list is: Tomato Juice, Spices, Lemon Juice, Worcestershire, Horseradish and Tabasco. That’s it! We loved how simple this mix was, the consistency being pleasantly thin and smooth without being watery.

The thing that stuck out the most about BYM was it’s simplicity. From it’s ingredients, to it’s consistency to it’s history, Backyard Mary identified a problem and bottled a solution in their very own backyard.


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