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Frankie V’s Bloody Mary mixes are really something special! Everything from the packaging to the laundry list of ingredients makes Frankie V’s a wholly different Bloody Mary experience, and we loved every minute of it… right down to the last drop. In addition to super cool packaging, Frankie V’s is organic, and both mixes are available in 32oz and 5 oz portions, which we really appreciate. The 5oz bottle makes one perfect Bloody Mary and it’s also great to travel with.

OK let’s get down to business.

First up: The Scary Mary:

bloody-mary-scary-maryFrankie V’s Scary Mary Cocktail Mix contained some of the most unique ingredients we have ever seen in a Bloody Mary. Some stand-outs include: apple cider vinegar, organic shiitake mushrooms, ginger puree, orange extract,and tamarin. The full list of ingredients can be viewed on their website.

The most surprising characteristic about this mix is that despite the long list of ingredients, you can taste each one individually. It’s incredible! Overall, there is a freshly acidic flavor and underlying sweetness that can be detected in the Scary Mary. Don’t be fooled however, the Scary Mary packs a punch of spice that leaves a kick on the lips and back of the throat.

This mix has an absolutely wonderful consistency… if you like bits and pieces, which some of us do! It allows you to experience the freshness of the vegetables and seasonings that make up this unique Bloody Mary. If you’re not a pulp person, you might not enjoy this one.

We have dubbed the Scary Mary the “trendy, hipster cousin of the Bloody Mary”.  If you are a traditionalist, this mix is not for you. If you are an adventurous Bloody Mary lover, well then, we highly recommend it!

Next up: The Green Mary:

WARNING: The Green Mary may be addictive!!!

This was our first time trying a green Bloody Mary mix, and we can honestly say that we have never had anything like this- and that’s a bloody good thing!

Before trying the Green Mary we noticed it’s unusually strong nose, which weirdly enough smelled ‘green!’ (Have you ever smelled wasabi pea snacks? It kind of smells like that.) While that didn’t stop us by any means, it was our least favorite part of the Green Mary.

The complete list of ingredients is as follows: green tomatoes, organic lime juice, 1888 olive juice, organic tomatillos, organic garlic, organic celery, organic onion, Worcestershire sauce, FVK wasabi green Thai chili hot sauce, organic wasabi powder, organic raw agave nectar, raw horseradish, organic pepper, sea salt. I mean really… have you ever?

We found this mix to be less acidic than her sister, The Scary Mary, and conversely the consistency was quite smooth. It had an interesting punch, which we can attribute to the wasabi.  We also agreed that there is a ‘crispness’ to this mix and the word ‘zing’ was also used among our tasting crew. You really can’t place the flavor, which keeps you going back for more trying to figure out… ‘just what is that flavor?’ 

Overall, we loved the Scary Mary and the Green Mary. We applaud you, Frankie V’s Kitchen, for the most unique, and enjoyable Bloody experience we have ever had.

Frankie V’s offers a bounty of intriguing products on their website including hot sauces, salsas, spreads and more. All look delicious. Be sure to check it out!

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