Hoosier Momma

Full disclosure- we have a long line of Hoosier’s in our family so right off the bat, we were in love with the Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker brand.

Hoosier Momma is an all around, solid Bloody Mary mix. We Local Tasters kicked back with all three varietals-

  • The Original
  • Spicy
  • and Sriracha

We tend to lean toward the classics here at Local Taste and we all agreed that the original was our favorite. One taster used the word ‘delightfully tangy’ to describe it. While another cited, ‘It has a heat that lingers and tickles the back of your throat in all the right ways!’

We all agreed in describing the consistency as medium-thick and that it is generously seasoned. All good things by our account.

We were thrilled to include Hoosier Momma mix in all of our Local Taste basket giveaways and many lucky winners got to enjoy drinking their veggies. After all, Momma says… ‘Drink your veggies™’

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