Jolene’s Jar

By Local Taster :)

I’m in love with Jolene. It’s true. Granted, we haven’t actually met yet. We have spoken on the phone briefly and we have exchanged some emails, but it has no impact on my adoration for Jolene. It’s not Jolene, per say that I love- but I love Jolene’s Jars!

C’mon- where do I begin? The jars say it all.

  • Pickled Za’atar Cauliflower
  • Garlic Pickles with a Kick
  • Spicy Bloody Mary Garnish
  • Garam Masala Pickled Chickpeas
  • Pickled Ginger Carrots
  • Bloody Mary Boost

I’ll take one of each and I haven’t even tried them all…YET!

These jars, my friends, are all about amping up your Bloody Mary in all the right ways. I’ll take mine garnished with one of everything please. Oh and add a shrimp, because as you know, that’s how I roll.

As stated on Jolene’s Jars website: Jolene’s Jar are gluten free, vegan, all-natural, local produce is used whenever possible, do not contain sugar, chemicals, additives, preservatives, artificial colors or artificial ingredients, and all products have 50-80% less sodium than regular pickles.

Want me to keep going? Ok. I will.

Let’s talk about the Bloody Mary Boost. Originally created by Jolene as a rimmer, but accidentally discovered as a seasoning. Whoa! Brilliant stuff.

Per Jolene: Add 1 Tbsp Bloody Mary Boost & 1 Tbsp Bloody Mary Garnish brine to 2 cups tomato juice, 1 Tsp Worcestershire, 1 Tsp hot sauce, & 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon. Rub rim with lemon, dip glass in Bloody Mary Boost mix. Add vodka to taste. Bottoms up.

This Bloody Mary booster is a Bloody Mary traveler’s dream come true- it’s easy to carry, simple and delicious. Win- win. I’ll tell you that next time I travel, the Booster is coming with me!


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