La Panetiere, Rye NY

La Panetiere was amazing. Its not for everyone and definitely the most expensive meal we’ve ever had so its for special occasions and splurging.  
The setting is like a home, a mansion with valet is more appropriate, and makes you feel like you are in the french countryside with wooden armchairs at the tables and your food served on antique china plates with roosters on them. The staff is French and Brett was able to speak to them in their native tongue which was quite sexy!

We were seated and immediately asked if we’d like a glass of champagne to start and we said yes and they brought us bubbles that were just the way I like them- extra dry. We had no idea which champagne it was or how much it would cost, but it was my birthday dinner and so we indulged. I had a second glass and Brett ordered a Bordeaux with dinner that rocked our worlds. I have never tasted a wine that good in my life!

The menu is somewhat limited, especially for a picky eater, and very french. Very gamey. It has “Do not come here if you are not a foodie” written all over it! (not literally!)  To start, I had poached oysters with leeks which just melted in my mouth and had the most delicate flavor ever. If someone didn’t know how to ‘taste’ they wouldn’t have liked them since the flavor was so delicate. But I LOVED them. Brett had smoked salmon and it was UNREAL! I didn’t know smoked salmon could taste like this!

At this point were were asked if would like to order a souffle for dessert, but we were unsure and so they said, in French, to Brett,  “then you wait and see and if you want one after your meal and you stay with us for a while more while it bakes.”

For dinner, I had the duck, served med-rare which was the only way they will serve it. I asked for Medium and he just shook his head, so I said- “okay, med- rare it is!” I was again, delicate and wonderful! The meat was so tender and cooked to perfection. Brett ordered the Veal Shank- So good! That was much more bold and was again, cooked to perfection.

We decided to go ahead and end our meal with that souffle we were asked about earlier.
Grand Marnier Souffle. O M G….all I can say about that!

It was so nice to sit and be transported to the European country and sit trough a quiet, unrushed meal where no detail goes unturned and quality is not compromised. This truly was an amazing experience for me. It was an excellent birthday gift!

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