silicone probe spool

Thermoworks Silicone Probe Spool

Keep your probes and cables tangle and kink-free with the ThermoWorks silicone probe spool.

Probes are essential tools for home and professional cooks, and once you start work with probes, your collection will likely grow rapidly. I have the 6″ probe, the 2″ probe, the 2″ needle probe, and more. These probe spools help keep them all organized and safe.

Why I love the Probe Spool

I have several different probes and I was using a variety of rubber bands, clamps and other household items to try and keep them from getting tangled and kinked in the drawer. Now, I have about 6 spools I can stack my probes neatly and safely.

Spools are compatible with any ThermoWorks Pro-Series® probes, thermocouples probes, or extension cables.

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