Ubons Hot & Spicy

By christina

It’s pronounced “You-Bahns.”

Ubons Sauce is a 5th generation family recipe that has been perfected over the years. While gaining notoriety in the BBQ competition circuit, folks started using Ubons with anything they could, including Bloody Marys! And so, Ubons Pitmaster’s Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix was born.

The Local Taste team of tasters all agreed that there was heat detected, but we would not classify this mix as ‘Hot & Spicy.’ (Perhaps our tolerance has grown due to the overwhelming amount of ‘spicy’ Bloody Marys on the market.) Although we didn’t find the heat level to be over- the-top, it does have a solid spice- it’s a delayed heat that kicks in later and tickles the tonsils. Good stuff.

There was a strong sweet flavor that we all picked up on immediately. Now, considering Ubons was created by Pitmasters and BBQ Professionals, this did not surprise us at all. It was refreshing to taste a mix where the sweetness was done well, and on purpose. It’s actually quite addicting.

The consistency of Ubons is where we Local Tasters all felt a little differently. In this mix there are pieces of what we suspect to be dill and large chunks of garlic. Some of us really enjoyed the loaded consistency and thought it provided a good mouthful. Others really liked the dill flavoring, but could do without the minced garlic. Once again it just goes to prove what we always say about Bloody Marys- “Everyone likes ’em different.”

We sipped our Ubons though a Demitri’s Pepperoni Straw and nibbled on Pepperoncini as garnish, which obviously only made this experience even more delicious!

Overall, the Local Taste team thought Ubons Hot & Spicy Mix was very enjoyable, with it’s unique sweetness and use of dill in their formula separating it from other mixes. We would love to try their BBQ flavored mix- we think after 5 generations they must be doing something right!


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