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Tips for Entertaining

When entertaining for any crowd, large or small, try and get as much done as possible before your guests arrive. The less you have to do when your guests are there, the more smoothly your event will go and the better time you and your guests will have.

When a crowd is expected, I always try to do as much as possible before a single person steps through the door. Of course, there will always be things you need to do last minute, but the less of them there are, the more successful your event will be.

  • Plan a menu that can be prepared ahead of time and cooked at the same temperature
  • Platter anything that will be served cold or room temperature into your serving bowls or onto your serving dishes. These are things like cheese platters, condiments that will be served in bowls, shrimp cocktail and so on.
  • Be sure to have an empty sink and dishwasher. This will make clean up throughout the event go more swiftly.
  • Empty your trash and recycling so you don’t have a full trash can to deal with half way through dinner.
  • Set your table or buffet well in advance. I usually do this at least one day ahead of time.

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