Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning

My body lives in Westchester, New York… but my heart & soul is in Key West, Florida.

When we first started our love affair with Key West back in 2006 we also started a tradition- grabbing a bucket of beer and saddling up to the tasting bar at Peppers of Key West. That’s when we were first introduced to Demitri’s Classic Bloody Mary Seasoning. It caught our eye because Demitri’s is different from a traditional Bloody Mary Mix. It’s actually not a mix, but rather a concentrate of seasoning. It is packed with flavor and you literally only need a few teaspoons to infuse your favorite tomato juice with flavor. In my opinion, concentrates like Demitri’s far surpass any mix.

Demitri's Bloody Mary Seaoning

Recently, we had the opportunity to indulge in all four Recipes- Chipotle-Habañero, Chilies & Peppers, Extra Horseradish and of course, the Classic Recipe. Over a few days time, we gathered up the Local Taster’s- that’s what I call the Local Taste Team 😉 and we enjoyed several rounds of Demitri’s Bloodys.

Here’s the lowdown:


The Classic recipe is 100% solid. It pleases everyone’s pallets. It has enough flavor & heat to let your pallet know you are drinking a Bloody Mary, but not overwhelming for a less adventurous Bloody Mary drinker. In addition to making a Bloody Mary, we also used the Classic Recipe to make a marinade for a bone-in pork chop. Skeptical at first, we soon became a believer. It added a great flavor to the chop.


The Chipotle-Habañero is HOT HOT HOT. We all agreed that the depth of flavor is magnificent, but it’s too much for those who aren’t down with that level of heat. The great thing about Demitri’s in this case is that you can add a few drops to a Bloody Mary made with the classic to kick it up a notch, but not as your primary flavor.

Chilies & Peppers

The Chilies & Peppers recipe definitely offers up some heat. I shared this particular recipe with 6 other ‘Tasters’ and the results were mixed on if it was too much heat or just right. The Chilies & Peppers recipe is just right for someone who likes their Bloody Mary spicy. It might be a little much for those folks who can’t handle the kick. We also used this one to make a steak sauce to accompany some grilled fillets and it was remarkably delicious! We even said we may never buy steak sauce again!

Extra Horseradish

Hands-down, this was my personal favorite. Like the classic mix, this recipe is simple and solid, but delivers on boldness. It is for those who have a more complex pallet and enjoy a more complex seasoning level.

If you know about the Local Taste Bloody Mary App (and I hope you do!) you know that it was founded based on the fact that…

“Everybody Likes ‘Em Different.”

I think Demitri agrees and thus, has something to offer every Bloody Mary lover out there. Demitri’s allows everyone to have their best Bloody Mary – right at home! That concept is right up our alley!

Oh… and just one final word on Demitri’s Bacon Salt Rim- YUM!

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