Monster Madness!

By Christina Collins

Cooking for Kids!

I love a good theme party! Thankfully for me, I have a gaggle of nieces and nephews so the theme parties are never in short supply! When I found out my niece was having a Monster High party for her 7th birthday, I had no idea what that was. At all. I had to stop what I was doing and Google it and I still didn’t really understand! Basically, I learned that it is a Saturday morning cartoon about monsters who go to high school. Ok Got it.

In addition to my pretty epic costume that I created, I thought we needed some theme food. I spent some time on Pinterest and found an image that inspired to make these fantastically fun “monster” sandwiches!

They were a hit and the birthday girl, Lili, who can be quite the picky eater, was more than excited that she got to have ‘more than one!’ Everyone had a blast picking out which ‘monster’ they wanted to eat!

I made half the sandwiches on white bread and half on wheat bread and opted for classic combinations of Ham & Swiss and Turkey & Cheddar. I served mayonnaise and mustard on the side so everyone could dress them how they like.

So next time you have picky eater on your hands or an event with a theme, think about making your food more fun! It’s sure be a hit of ‘Monster Proportions!’

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