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Is meat killing us?

Christina Collins
Christina Collins

recently had the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with a Food Scientist. I wasted no time in asking her all kinds of questions about natural vs organic foods, GMO vs non-GMO, wild fish vs. farmed fish and fresh food vs processed food. It was a enlightening conversation that I enjoyed very much.

During our conversation, she asked me if I had heard of the book ‘The China Study.” I had told her that I had not. She went on to explain that it is a complicated read, even by her standards, but that she can’t deny the premise of the book which, to summarize, suggests that the more animal protein you consume, the faster the cancer gene is likely to become active.

I found this interesting ‘food for thought.’ I also found it incredibly depressing but also, I wasn’t surprised.

Inspired by this conversation and the new knowledge that I had, I have been challenging myself to cut down on my meat intake. I didn’t think it would be that hard because I really love vegetables. As it turns out, despite that I enjoy eating vegetables and even have a abundant vegetable garden, it’s been much more difficult than I had anticipated to reduce my animal protein intake.

After struggling to make this dietary change, which was not a removal of meat from my diet, but rather a reduction, I realized just how addicted we are to consuming animal protein as our primary food intake. In a continued effort to move away from the meat but still feel satisfied, I threw myself into research about fish to see how it compared to the negative health impact of meat consumption.  My greatest fears were realized that fish is just as bad as meat to consume on a regular basis.

What’s one to eat when one is love with clams, and roasted chicken, and a really great steak?

This little experiment of mine to reduce my animal protein intake continues to challenge me. It has made me realize, “The China Study” or not, it’s time to expand my weeknight meals to include more vegetables and curb my now recognized addiction to animal protein.

By posting this online for everyone to read, I hope to challenge myself to come up with some great vegetarian meals to share and to inspire you to add more vegetables (raw whenever possible) to your menus.

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