Favorite Menus

Planning a menu is serious business to me. I think through everything including dietary restrictions, shopping time, prep time, risk factors of new recipes or ingredients, timelines, cost, and more. I consider the recipes to make sure things cook at the same temperature (have you ever planned a meal only to discover that one side dish requires a 450 degree oven and one a 325 degree oven? I have! And it’s not good!) Most important, I think about what can be made ahead. After I decide on the menu, I think through all the steps I’ll need to take to make sure I see a clear path to success, which for me, is Feast & Merriment!

The menus below are some of my favorites that I have already spent the time developing and testing. These are my “go-to” menus when I don’t have the time to create a new one and just need to get cooking.