Pot of Gold

A celebration of the Irish spirit

Irish or not, St. Patrick’s day is the perfect excuse for gatherings and good times!
It has become a day that many of our friends look forward to celebrating with us, and the crowd seems to grow larger every year! This St. Patty’s day menu is what I make to mark the annual occasion that is all about Feast & Merriment!
Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda bread is a magical bread! It is the perfect amount of both sweet and savory. It is light, but dense. It’s a lot of things to a lot of people, but the one thing that is absolute is that it is delicious and not be left out of a St. Patrick’s day celebration meal.

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Mini Ruben Sandwiches

Corned Beef & Rubens

Call me Corney, but I love this Beef! Like turkey, most of us make it only once a year, but I don’t know why! It is so easy and nothing beats the leftovers! Corned beef is all about the fixings so don’t forget to pick up a nice head of cabbage and a good spicy mustard!

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ruben ravioli

Ruben Raviolis

I love making raviolis and I love eating Ruben sandwiches. So this Italian girl thought why not bring these two cultures together through food? Well that may have been the best idea I’ve ever had!

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