The Port Chester Pizza Debate

Slices of pepperoni pizza, central to the Port Chester pizza debate, on a wooden surface with a focus on the melted cheese and pepperoni toppings.

Port Chester has a unique lock on one thing- pizza!

Not too long ago I was sitting at the now closed Greenwich Lobster House talking to some local PC friends and I posed the question, “Who makes the best pizza?” The debate got intense and lasted a solid hour and ended with no clear winner! I was a little disappointed because I truly wanted an answer! I thought it would help be clean out my take-out folder if I could decide whose pizza I liked the best. But I can’t. So the folder remains as full and active as ever!

For the title of ‘Best Port Chester Pizza,’ the toss up was between Frank’s Pizza, T&J, Frankie & Louie’s and Antonio’s. Many other pizzeria’s were discussed but only the above mentioned were considered ‘favorites.’

I can eat pizza all day, every day so I couldn’t be happier that I actually have the tough task of deciding where to order my pizza from every time I want it! I loved discussing this topic and found it interesting that other people also switch up their pizza place from time to time.

During the debate, some decisions were made that I thought would be fun to share!

Best overall food: T&J
Best Wedge: Tie between T&J and Frankie & Louie’s
Best specialty pizza: Franks
Best salads: Tie between Racanelli’s & Frank’s
Best house dressing: Tie between T&J and Racanelli’s
Best Calzone & Roll ups: Antonio’s

We did collectively decide on one thing- no one likes the chicken parm from Frank’s. The reason? They use thick chicken cutlets. I know most people probably wouldn’t care but this conversation took place amongst Italians and we Italians like our cutlets pounded thin! Sorry Frank’s.

Live Locally? What do you think?

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