Mac & Cheese

Everyone’s Favorite Dish

Caprese Salad

Roasted Caprese Salad

Simple, seasonal, fresh. Caprese salad is the perfect summer dish and this recipe is even better than what you are used to. 


The Pasta Project

It’s more than a passion. It’s my obsession. Join me as I explore the simplicity of learning how to make the perfect pasta.

An 1899 History lesson with Oysters Rockefeller

Oyster Rockefeller
These decedent roasted oysters are served right out of the shell and will make you feel as "Rich as Rockefeller" while eating them!

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Practicing Feast & Merriment means opening your table to new friends! I’d love to be your friend so we can share tricks, tips and recipes!

Social hour - my favorite time of day!


About me

I was born with a insatiable love for excellent food. I spend my free time reading about and practicing cooking and I can’t get enough. Above all things, I love gathering my friends around the table for Feast & Merriment.