Healing Cabbage Soup

Read the reviews and you’ll know why I call it this. 

Why you need this.

And in oven thermometer probe makes you a better cook.

Tales from my Kitchen

Hi there! Here’s a peak at what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. I try to stay inspired by the season whenever I can, and love to share the best recipes that have inspired me the most with you! 

soked salmon appetizer 2
Broccoli Quiche (5)

This quiche recipe is delicious! I’d like try that one more time. This quiche recipe is Deeeee-licious! It’s loaded with broccoli, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, and then smothered in an egg custard. It’s baked slow and low for a perfect consistency.

Get Cozy with Comfort Food

Winter has arrived her in the Northeast and that means it’s the season for the simmering soups and stews and meals that warm our bones!


The Pasta Project

It’s more than a passion. It’s my obsession. Join me as I explore the simplicity of learning how to make the perfect pasta.

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About me

I was born with a insatiable love for excellent food. I spend my free time reading about and practicing cooking and I can’t get enough. Above all things, I love gathering my friends around the table for Feast & Merriment.