All about my Italian American feasts!

I love all kinds of food from all over the world. I really do! But I think when it comes to cooking from the soul, we instinctively all go back to our roots. In my family, every holiday table looks like a carbon copy of itself- cold antipasti, baked ziti, chicken cutlets, broccoli rabe, a ham, stuffed artichokes, and asparagus. Oh, and of course the sautéed mushrooms. Perhaps a variation or two will occasionally make an appearance, but very rarely.

For me, I don’t even remember learning how to cook most of these classics. I just know how to do it- it’s in my blood. I have never followed recipe for meatballs, chicken cutlets or lasagna. I simply just cook it! It’s the food that comes from within me and that I know everyone will enjoy. Its rustic and its the food that brings me the most joy to cook and serve to family and friends. It the food of my heritage and comes from deep within me.

Tips on cooking up the Italian-American classics.