Kick Back & Enjoy the View at Kalooki’s

By Local Taster :)

Kalooki’s is a really fun spot to grab a drink and enjoy the Island vibe. It’s kind of that quintessential hangout / bar spot that you are looking for when visiting a Caribbean island. It is located right next door to the more well known ‘Conch Shack’ but a little more modern and approachable, without loosing any of its island appeal. We preferred it to the Conch Shack and Bugaloos- all of which have the same beach bar island vibe going on. And all are great, but you need to have a favorite- for us it was Kalookis.

The staff at Kalooki’s were fantastic, the views don’t get much better, and the food all looked very good. We weren’t too hungry but we did have the Lobster Bruschetta and it was absolutely awesome! I craved it so much that we tried to go back to order it again on our last day before heading off to the airport, but Kalooki’s was closed. 🙁


If you are traveling in the off season, be sure to call ahead to check their hours- I think they having limited hours and shut down for the slow season, which I think is Mid August – October. We were staying near Regent Village so the taxi ride was pretty far. My recommendation would be to maximize the trip and go to Kalooki’s and the Conch Shack in one visit. Grab a drink and small plate at each- they are literally right next door to one another. Following that- you can hop in a taxi and stay on that side of the island and also hit up Bugaloo’s before heading back to the other side of the island.

Note: visited Kalookis in August 2016

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