Matt’s in the Market, Seattle WA

Some times people and places just get it right. Matts in the Market gets it right. They keep the Bloody Mary classy and they do it in a really cool way.

Let me start by stating that Matt’s is very hard to find for first timers! However, anything you have to work at (like professional success or cracking into a lobster) is worth the work. Matt’s is worth the work to find!

Classic Bloody Mary in Matt’s in the Market in Seattle, WA
Bloody Mary at Matt’s in the Market- Seattle, WA

When we walked into Matt’s I quickly realized it was a little higher end than we expected- not that bothered me as I like things on the fancier side 🙂 But it did mean it was fairly quiet and the bar was set for diners and we were only stopping in for drinking Bloodys. However, Matt’s greeted us warmly and it was fine that we weren’t eating. So we saddled up to the intimate bar and as we ordered up two Bloodys, everyone else at the bar joined in on the order! The bartender was now making 7 Bloody Marys and didn’t blink an eye- it seemed like he received this request often and had no problem delivering. And delivered he did.

Matt’s makes each Bloody Mary with care- even slow pouring to mix- back, fourth, and back again- EXACTLY how we recommend doing it as described on our Local Taste recipe page. Matt’s is the real deal- a classic Bloody Mar. It is full of fresh tomato flavor, seasoned perfectly simple and simply delicious. There is no traditional garnish here- a spicy dilly bean is served up inside your glass and served with a beer back along it’s side- Miller Genuine draft to be exact. What fun is that? (Super fun, if you ask me.)

My only regret about going to Matt’s in the Market is not staying long enough to enjoy the amazing looking food and more of the company. But we had more places to visit and more Bloodys to drink before leaving Seattle. But I can promise this- if I find myself back in Seattle, Matt’s is likely to be my first stop after the long cross country flight and I can’t wait!

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