My Culinary Resolution

Baking is not something I normally do. Baking and cooking are so different. My culinary intuition just isn’t there with baking. I don’t know how ingredients react with one another and you can’t taste anything until its done which means you can’t adjust seasoning or consistency and so for me, thats scary!

I really feel like despite my fear of baking, I need to have a few dessert recipes in my back pocket. So this year, I am committing to trying to bake more often, or at all! I didn’t waste any time. So today, I got baking! And I am very excited to report that I did it! I baked cookies from scratch- and they were good!. I will definitely be making jam thumbprint cookies again!

Update: one week later.
Brett and I ate all the cookies except one. Adam ate that one! They kept well for a week’s time. I call that success!

Click here for the recipe

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