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TSome people spend lifetime on the hunt for a good local pub. Brett and I have been lucky enough to have found two since our time here in the Port Chester, NY / Greenwich, CT area. The first was a spot called the Greenwich Lobster House, or better known to locals as “GLH.” It was here where we spent a great deal of time listening to live music, enjoying some baked clams and above all else, meeting some of the people we now call our best friends. GLH was a special time and will always have a special place in our hearts. After all, it’s where Brett broke his bones, as they say, as a guitarist and singer. It was a really sad day when GLH closed its doors. We spent the next few years (in denial that GLH was closed) and bounced around spot to spot but nothing felt right. We missed walking into a place and seeing familiar faces and having a place to go when you didn’t want to be at home, but you didn’t want to be anywhere else either. We missed having a Local.

Owner Chris Geideman
Owner Chris Geideman

Then one day, we found ourselves at Crew 280 and all was suddenly right in our world again. That was many years ago now and we been fortunate enough to expand our friendship circle to include so many new and wonderful people that we have met at Crew. But it’s not just about the people at Crew, it’s about the food, drinks and exceptional customer service too.

Crew 280 is best described as an American Bistro. This to mean its a bit like a gastro pub but with European influence. Different from most restaurants, the menu is not broken up into traditional starters and entrees, but rather most menu items come with the option of small or large portions. I really enjoy this concept because it allows you to order in line with your appetite level. (Or so you have an excuse to order two small things so you don’t need to decide on one large thing!)Crew is where you go for good food and good vibes.Crew’s menu is offers everything from upscale pub grub such as grilled buffalo wings with homemade gorgonzola sauce and truffle fries to Chicken Milanese and a Fish Du Jour. Everything is delicious! I bounce around the menu often but my current go-to favorites are the Wings with a Wedge salad. Oh, but the Shrimp and Grits are oh so good! It’s actually really hard to decide what my favorite dish is at Crew. My only complaint about Crew’s menu is that it is light on vegetarian options outside of salad and I personally really enjoy vegetables of all kinds.Crew doesn’t just stop at great food and friendly people, but it is one of the only spots in the local area with Live Acoustic Music. What for it…Live acoustic music that actually starts at a normal time! Good food & Good vibes makes Crew 280 the ultimate local find in Greenwich, CT.

I recommend Crew for those who enjoy an upscale gastro pub environment, live acoustic music and well made cocktail. Before you know it, everyone will know your name.

  • Delicious Food: All the food here is very good with a rustic, yet refined approach behind it.   
  • Live Music: Live acoustic music can often be found on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during dinner hours.
  • Customer Service: No one will make you feel more welcome than the owner and the rest of the Crew staff.

  • Vegetarians: Although the chef is happy to accommodate requests for vegetarians, the menu is light on vegetables.    

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Tapas is my favorite style of eating. Small plates of deliciousness of all kinds intended to share- what could be better? On any given Sunday, you can find me at Barcelona in Stamford, CT with a bottle of Rioja and surrounded by cured meats, cheeses and tapas. And I will stay there all-day-long.

barcelona-wineI actually love Barcelona on any day or night of the week, but Sundays is my personal favorite because their wine list is 50%. What makes this deal even sweeter is that Barcelona has the best wine list of any restaurant in the area. At most other restaurants the problem is which wine to choose because they are all mediocre and highly overpriced, even at 50% off! Here, the problem I run into is which one not to choose. The wine at Barcelona is well curated and it does not go unnoticed.

Okay, enough about wine. Lets talk about the food. The menu has a few consistent items that you can always count on like the manchego and jamon croquettes and the meatballs, but they change the menu frequently with the seasons and this keeps it interesting for us regulars. The food here has never disappointed me and I’ve eaten here well over 30 times.Barcelona is a great place to go with friends, on a date or even by yourself if you are like me and like to saddle up to the bar. It’s also a fantastic spot for Sunday brunch with unequivocally the best Bloody Mary bar in town.  (Brunch is served Saturday & Sunday.)

I recommend Barcelona for anyone who enjoys great Mediterranean inspired tapas food, mainly with origins from Spain, excellent wines and sherry’s, and a lively, yet rustic, ambiance. The only downside to Barcelona is the same as everywhere in Stamford- the parking isn’t great, but if you take an Uber your night just got better with door to door service!

  • Bloody Mary Bar: You won’t find a better one around.
  • Sunday Wine Down: 50% off bottles all day on Sunday.
  • The Food: The food is fantastic.

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Carpaccio from Terra Restaurant, Greenwich CT

It’s not just the food that has made Terra a favorite for me. (Although it’s a huge factor.) It’s the food combined with the exceptional service and the relaxing atmosphere. We love to sit out on the patio in the summer and watch the passers by stroll down Greenwich Avenue or inside in the winter months where the smell of the roasting chicken in the brick oven tantalizes your taste buds. I forget about time when we are there and we can just sit back, relax and enjoy. All these things combines makes Terra a top choice for us when dining out.

The menu offers something for everyone but I do have some favorite dishes. First up, the item I crave the most- Carpaccio of Beef with Arugula, Parmesan, Mushrooms and Truffle Vinaigrette. This dish is impossible for me not to order when we dine at Terra. It has ruined my ability to order carpaccio from anywhere else. Thats it. That’s all I have to say. Its amazing.

On a a cold afternoon, nothing beats the fresh Tomato Soup. It’s like sipping on silk. I make a pretty good tomato soup myself, (if I do say so myself!) but since I started eating Terra’s tomato soup, I don’t even bother to make my own anymore.

If you not in the mood for a traditional entree and would prefer something lighter, Terra has great personal pizzas.  They are thin crust and wood fired right behind the bar. My favorite is crumbled sausage and hot cherry peppers and yes- they are hot!

However, if you are in the mood to dine on a full entrees, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. But I do have two personal favorite dishes. The Veal Chop Milanese and the Roast Chicken. Terra does Veal Chop Milanese ‘right.’ If you are a veal lover like myself, you will know what I mean by this. It’s served on the bone, pounded paper thin, breaded, fried and served with lemon. It’s simple and stunning. We order this more than any other entree. But I can’t let it take away from how much I love the Wood Oven Roasted Amish Chicken. Its juicy, crispy, seasoned to perfection- it’s everything roasted chicken should be and never is. I can smell it as I write this and will inevitably crave it until I get to have it again.

I recommend Terra to anyone who is looking to have a nice night out and enjoys high quality food. So next time you are ‘on the Ave,’ as we locals say, don’t let Terra pass you by!

  • Upscale Food: Italian, Mediterranean
  • Good for Couples: (not great for large groups.)
  • Patio in Summer: It’s not very big, but if you can snag a table during summer it’s a plus.
  • Customer Service: Exceptional
  • Location: Doesn’t get much better than being on Greenwich Avenue

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