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The Angry Lobster

Definition: Angry Lobster is a classic Italian seafood dish dish often prepared with Arrabbiata sauce. Arrabbiata sauce is a spicy sauce made from garlic, tomatoes, and dried red chili peppers. In Italian, Arrabbiata literally means “angry” and the name of the sauce refers to the spiciness of the dish.

Keep it Simple! Stupid.

The classic Italian recipe for Angry Lobster calls for only a few, simple ingredients. But like most of the world’s most simple dishes, restaurants have a way of trying to reinvent them, or cut corners, and it ruins the simplicity and beauty from which the dish was originated. It makes me so angry! It makes me angry because they don’t need to do this and if they just focused, they could reach great heights, and in some cases, even perfection.The Angry Lobster is food critic from Westchester, NY that spotlights the details that restaurants get wrong. It’s all out of love (perhaps a little tough love) but love, none the less. Love for food, friends, and everything that dining out literally brings to the table. Dining out is about escaping to a new environment for an experience that you can’t have at home, but when details don’t get the correct attention, that experience falls flat and makes you think twice about going back.The Angry Lobster wants restaurants to meet their potential and deliver the best possible culinary experience that they can. Because they can!  And some come so damn close to perfection! But it’s all in the details.The Angry Lobster is calling it like it is, telling you what you are doing wrong…and occasionally what you are doing right.I’m on a mission to make every bite, the best bite. So let’s get crackin’.