The Cobblestone

This is likely to be the briefest review I have ever written, but the review is a simple one.

Does it have the absolute best food around? No.

Best bar in Town? No.

But when the day seems to have past you by and nothing else is open, nothing quite feels better than walking into the Cobblestone for a beer and a burger at 11pm. (actually, I go pastrami every time, but you get the point!)

The Cobblestone does not pretend to be something that its not. Its a simple, neighborhood pub. There is something for everyone on the menu, its family friendly in the earlier hours, its quiet and the staff is pleasant. AND, they serve food until midnight every night! Its a great neighborhood bar & grill and I am one of its biggest fans. I just love the place. Thumbs up for The Cobblestone!

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